Gnaw Chocolate specialises in creating new and exciting flavours with strong ethical values and goals. We were contacted to create an explainer video showing the world who they were and what Gnaw Chocolate is all about.

So we were off to Norfolk where the chocolate factory was located. Gnaw’s small but skilled team made for impressive work, crafting and creating these standout flavours. To see how chocolate is something you really have to be there to see and believe but we were happy with the footage we got from the factory and then moved to the next location, the owner, Matt’s house.

Here we were able to speak to Matt and his wife about how they created the company and to explain who they were. Something we really wanted to bring forward in the film is the feeling of Gnaw Chocolate. We next went to the beach with the owners and their children. Gnaw is about family values and humble beginnings and we felt filming here would fully encapsulate these feelings.

We ended up with a cheerful short documentary style promotional video. Effectively displaying the owners core beliefs and ethos while also showcasing the brand’s many varieties and flavours and products.

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