Walls Volunteering

**As part of the We Are Walls campaign, the popular ice cream brand wanted to connect with local communities to make a difference in London. A group of volunteers from the Wall’s team went out to two different charities to do their part and wanted us to capture the story.

The project took part at two charities. One Housing and Wise thoughts. One housing assists in granting accommodation to underprivileged families in the London area. Wise thoughts is a pioneering LGBT and BAME arts charity planning their latest LGBT festival G-fest.

Two teams went out to the respective charities, a marketing team assisted Wise Thoughts in planning their social media and marketing packages to ensure they had all the tools they needed to go push further and reach new boundaries for the next G-fest. The second group helped renovate the house and gardens of one of their residents. We sent out two teams to capture every stage of the volunteering at both locations throughout the day following to the groups to a final barbecue at the newly renovated property. This split in crew at two locations allowed us to capture the entire feeling of giving back to the community across London.

"Blacklight captured the sentiment of our work to a ‘T’, channelling and distilling the energy of the day to tell a captivating story. A fuse of expertise and fun - Max and the team are a pleasure to work with"

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