Starbucks search and rescue

#Cheerforgood featured charities all over the country, showing the world what they were about and how they made a difference. Starbucks would reward the charity with the most social media attention with funding opportunities that were vital to develop the organisations. Wiltshire Search and Rescue were one of these charities and we were there to help celebrate the achievements they’d made.

Wiltshire Search and Rescue is an often overlooked but vital element in its local community. Specially trained to find missing people, the team work closely alongside local authorities with an impressive and inspiring work ethic. We followed them over the day as they performed training exercises and visited a local Starbucks.

This was where Wiltshire Search and Rescue did a lot of their fundraising and galvanised local awareness. The connection between the Starbucks staff and the charity was great to be there for, It was clear they had really worked together to boost this charities important cause. The video captured the imaginations of the Starbucks Team in Vancouver and were warmed by the passion and care this amazing charity has.

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