Valleyfest is a small but vibrant music festival in the heart of Chew magna. Overlooking the beautiful chew valley lake we were tasked with trying something different for their 2017 promotional film.

This project had unlimited possibilities and directions in which it could go. We only knew that the feel and experience of Valleyfest had to be captured in a non traditional way. The best place to start was with people who had been previously. One of which was a poet who specialised in poetry centred around nature.

We knew this was the way to go. After working alongside Poetry Machine (Beth Calverly) a poem of the festival was written. We used punters from the festival to read out lines from the poem around the grounds and spliced it together to create one flowing speech. This worked especially well for the festival, successfully capturing the beauty and experience of attending this memorable and awe inspiring festival.

"From start to finish I was impressed by Blacklight Productions. I wanted a promotional video for a video that broke away from the traditional series of shots with a track over the top. The idea they created was wonderful, was completely unique and fitted with the feel of the festival. The video they produced was incredible and communicated the festival perfectly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."

Amy Finlayson, communications manager, Valley Fest